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L'asheur TM Luxury Lash Lift and Brow Lamination Kit


Be the BEST YOU with beautiful lashes and Brows!

The L'asheur™ Lash Lift and Brow Lamination kit is designed to give you flawless, long-lasting and naturally fuller eyelashes and browsLift your lashes and Brows and get amazing results from the comfort of your home.  Gloriously easy application, enjoy beautiful results for 18 Months!

The Kit & Solutions areCruelty Free & Environment Friendly!

• A unique beauty care regimen that only takes 15-30 minutes to apply perfectly at home and one application lasts 8 weeks, perming your eyelashes flawlessly!

 20 applications in one kit, meaning 18 months + of lash lifting and Brow beauty at your service from our kit:

Ahead Of The Competition: Our kit brings special value to each customer, where a one time payment ensures 18 months + of lash and brow lifting!

Detailed instructions with the Kit: Your one and true recipe for fuller lashes and brows. Goodbye to Curlers and Extensions or painful Microblading techniques. you won't need anything else EVER

100% Safe To UseOur kit has been delicately curated to be used perfectly and safely. Organic solutions, hypoallergenic, safe instructions and applications. We care about your eyes and lashes. 

• Brow Lamination: The brand new trend that EVERYONE is loving, Brow Lamination, can be perfectly done with our L'asheur Kit!  Now get lush, model brows, ALONGSIDE, beautifully natural and fuller lashes with your kit, a very special value!

• You'll be a professional for your eyelashes and brows in your own home with this beauty routine. Have friends/family who might be interested? Perfect for sharing! So invite and exchange, even lift each other's eyelashes and brows!

Contents of the Kit: 

  • Perm Lotion: Curling agent that enhances the natural curl of your lashes.
  • Fixation Lotion: Strengthens lashes to maintain curl for up to 3 months. (lifespan of an eyelash)
  • Nutrition Lotion: Revitalizes lashes to grow thicker and longer.
  • Cleanser: Removes any residue after the lifting process.
  • False Lashes Glue: Used to keep lift pads in place.
  • Lift Pads: Used to help perfectly shape the lash, 5 pairs in 5 different sizes.
  • Cleaning Tool used with cleanser to remove residue.
  • Each kit has up to 18-20 uses and each application will last up to 8 weeks.