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Your #1 Brand in Lash and Brow Transformation! Get Fuller, Longer Looking Lashes and Perfectly Shaped Brows in Minutes! Guaranteed Salon Results!

This 2 in 1 Kit is all you will ever need! Lasting you 18 Months with No more expensive salon visits. 

Lifting your Lashes creates FULLER and LONGER looking lashes in minutes!

Brow Lamination PERFECTS and DEFINES your Brows like never before! A Total Transformation Instantly!

Our unique beauty care regimen only takes 15-30 minutes to apply perfectly at home and one application lasts 8 weeks, perming your eyelashes and brows flawlessly! 20 applications in one kit, meaning 18 months + of Lash Lifting and Brow Lamination beauty in one easy process.

Ahead Of The Competition: Our kit brings special value to each customer, where a one time payment ensures Lash lifting and Brow Lamination that Lasts up to 3 months each time you use it!

Detailed instructions with the Kit

100% Safe To Use

Have Questions?  Ask Our Estheticians!

Contents of the Kit: 

  • Perm Lotion: Curling agent that enhances the natural curl of your lashes.
  • Fixation Lotion: Strengthens lashes to maintain curl for up to 2 months. (lifespan of an eyelash)
  • Nutrition Lotion: Revitalizes lashes to grow thicker and longer.
  • Cleanser: Removes any residue after the lifting process.
  • False Lashes Glue: Used to keep lift pads in place.
  • Lift Pads: Used to help perfectly shape the lash, 5 pairs in 5 different sizes.
  • Each kit has up to 18-20 uses and each application will last up to 8 weeks.

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority.  After trying your new product, if you are not completely satisfied, please return  it to us within the 30 day return period and we will happily refund your purchase.  For more information please refer to our return policy for additional details.